2017-2018 Council Members

Chair - Kim Reid

Vice-Chair - Cindy Durham

Treasurer - Jennifer Tondino

Secretaries- Maresa Gervais and Jonathan Scott

Members - Michelle Logue, Daisy Chew, Karyn Halliday, Joe Cosentino, Alexandra Firsov, Lily Wang, Tracy Braithwaite, Jiewu Joshua Li, Amanda Gill, Christine Li, Alina Valachi

Information For Parents

Parent Tool Kit - What Parents Can Do To Help Their Children Develop Healthy Relationships

Be A Mentor - Building And Maintaining Healthy Relationships

School Council

May 2016 Agenda

April 2016 Newsletter

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February 2016 Minutes

February 2016 Agenda

December/January 2015/16 Minutes

December/January 2015/16 Agenda

 October 2015 Minutes

 October 2015 Agenda

 School Council Cash Flow Report 2014-15

JWH School Council Annual Report 2014-2015 final.pdf


Go to HDSBFundraisingAdministrativeProcedureDRAFT.pdf for more information onFundraising Policies.

If you would like to be a Volunteer at James W. Hill Public School, please print and complete our Volunteer Registration Form. Please note that all volunteers MUST have a Criminal Reference Check on file with the school office.